Cancellation Policy

Every cancellation or amendment you want to generate to your reservation will be subject to the applicable supplier’s conditions. Particular tickets are non-refundable and/or non-changeable; in further cases, it may be possible to modify or terminate your reservation subject to a fine charge.

It must be highlighted that an enormous majority of airline tickets are non-transferable, and as such name alterations are not generally allowable. It is thus important that you insert passengers’ names as per passport at the period of making a reservation. For online scheduled flight reservations, the rules concerning cancellations and amendments for the price acquired are displayed throughout the reservation procedure, do ensure you go through with these cautiously.

The website, as mediators for the airlines/consolidator, must stand by the air company’s terms and conditions- we are not able to swerve from the price rules/supplier’s conditions. Where variations or refunds are allowed, this website will apply administration charges (in line with our current rates) in addition to any charges entailed by the supplier, if you ask us to adjust or withdraw your reservation. This is to cover the costs we incur in administering terminations and adjustments.

Any request to modify or withdraw a booking must be updated to the website in writing and cannot be brought into action till obtained by us. Appeals received outside our opening hours cannot be handled until we reopen the next operational day, and if we want to communicate with the travel provider to affect the change/annulment until we are unable to get in touch with them.


A certain percentage of fees per passenger will be charged as a withdrawal fine in the situation of pre/post ticket issuance on top of airline price.

If you want to withdraw your reservation and attempt to claim compensation, please telephone/email us in the first order, so we can counsel you if the conditions of your ticket allow any refund. If you want to proceed with the annulment, you must update us in writing. (If you do not suggest us of your purpose to annul a reservation before the scheduled departure time, or do not check-in, this will be noted by the airline as a ‘no show’ and is to be expected to result in the pay for of all monies paid). Where a refund is allowable, this may take a specific time, normally 10-16 weeks, to be lawful by the airline. Once official, any refund will be generated to the debit or credit card used to create the original reservation. It is important that you counsel us when you withdraw the reservation if that card is no longer effective.

Any refunds generated will be net of any annulment fees from the airline or excursion operator. Several airlines also entail an extra charge to practice refunds. Refunds of any kind will also be subject to the website standard administration charges. Reservation costs, credit card fees, postage charges, and any adjustment charges you have paid for any previous alterations are also non-refundable.

In the situation of non-refundable organized tickets, it may be possible to claim back any unused taxes. Please keep in mind that not all excises are refundable. Certain airlines do entail a charge for handling such requests, and in several cases, the fees surpass what you would get back. Do inquire for particulars and information when you abandon your reservation.


If you want to amend your reservation, please telephone/email us in the first case, so we can suggest you if the settings of your ticket allow any alterations. If a modification is permitted, we may inquire you to settle in writing that you wish to verify the reservation.

Any variations are subject to accessibility, confines, and boundaries of the applicable travel provider.

If a change upsurges the price of your reservation, you will require paying such additional costs.

Alterations of any kind will also be subject to the website’s standard administration charges.

Cancellations/ Amendments by the travel supplier

Airlines hold the right to make time variations, or in infrequent cases, to withdraw flights, for operational reasons. Although the website is not accountable for and has no switch over, such variations, we will do our best to help and support when such circumstances arise.

In the improbable event that your air travel got void by an airline or tour machinist, your rights and remedies will be directed by the merchant’s conditions/ airline’s conditions of carriage. As a result, you may be eligible to:

(a)     Carriage on some other flight with a similar airline without extra costs;

(b)     Re-routing to your destination with some other carrier deprived of any extra costs;

(c)     Some further right or remedy.

On the occasion of program variations made earlier to commencing your journey, it is not always essential to have your tickets rereleased or revalidated, but we will instruct you should this be required. This website undertakes no accountability for any flight postponement en route.