A megacity that never stops growing

A city of several faces, Dubai is one of the most beautiful regions for a traveler. Home to Burj Khalifa, the tallest tower in the globe, this international city is known for its extravagant construction, inconceivable skylines, and a surplus of tourist allures that split records to be the tallest, longest and biggest. Dubai has plentiful prospects when it comes to exploration activities like desert safaris over golden Arabian dunes, skydiving over the lovely palm islands, reef and wreck diving, kite surfing, wakeboarding, etc. to add to the list of unlimited adventures this Arabian gem holds, the modern world expo 2020 is presented here, making it the focus of post-pandemic travel.

Exhibiting its trendy structure amid the splendid Arabian Desert, the city of Dubai was once known to be an infertile land. Today, this man-made wonder is full of sparkling skyscrapers, elegant hotels, impressive shopping malls, and eateries. Burj Khalifa- the tallest manmade structure, Dubai fountain with jets and lights composed to music, Atlantis, the Palm, and an aquarium resort are amid the top tourist regions and places in Dubai. With the major population of all the seven emirates and the second largest in area, Dubai will conquer you with its consolidation of futuristic marvel and early Arabian era.

Top attractions to visit in Dubai

Burj Khalifa: Soaring at a height of 2700 feet, the Burj Khalifa is presently the tallest tower on the globe. With two observation decks, a Las Vegas-stimulated fountain, nine of the city’s finest luxury accommodations, and numerous eateries, this 21st-century architectural wonder must be your number one place to stopover when in Dubai or even the UAE. Also, make certain to reserve your coupons in advance well to dodge last moment annoyances.

The Dubai mall: The Dubai mall, also well-known as the home of the Dubai shopping festival and celebration, is one of the globe’s major shopping centers with a zone of over 500,000 square meters! With further than 1200 stores, a large walk-through aquarium, 14000 parking spaces, and more thrilling involvements for customers, the mall was chosen to be the finest shopping experience in the globe by Grazia Magazine in 2010.

Catering as the entrance to Burj Khalifa, there are unlimited choices of shopping and eating. Other than that, the shopping mall also deals with a gaming zone and cinema compound and thus packing all the unhurried activities under one roof.

Dubai Aquarium and underwater zoo : Situated on the ground floor of the Dubai shopping mall, the Dubai aquarium and underwater zoo companies approximately 33,000 marine life inhabiting the 10 million liters of water in the tank. A sole submerged zoo inhabits the level beyond the tank presenting a surplus of underwater existence that can be discover inhabiting the oceans, rivers, and further water bodies through the planet. The CR Zoo makes up the third section proposing stirring wildlife ventures through convincingly shaped virtual tours.

Palm Jumeirah: Palm Jumeirah, Dubai's glorious artificial archipelago, is the essence of loveliness formed by land reclamation, ranging into the Persian Gulf. The archipelago looks like a palm tree with a circle when you take an overhead view of it. It was one of the first main and chief tourism schemes in the UAE and presents houses some of Dubai’s top tourist regions like Atlantis, the palm, aqua venture waterpark, and the lost chambers aquarium.

The principal sectors of palm Jumeirah have been named Trunk, spine, fronds, and falcate. The arrival to Palm Jumeirah is the comprehensive trunk that links the mainland by a bridge. The additional bridge links the trunk to the spine.

Shopping in Dubai

Dubai has an amazing reputation as the shopper’s heaven with its overabundance of lively marketplaces and vast air-conditioned malls. There are numerous souks, each one specifying a specific product kind. Gold markets, textile markets, and spice markets feature the uppermost quality gold and diamond jewelry, lovely fabric in several types, and an extensive variety of aromatic herbs and spices.

While in Dubai, we assure you that you practice your bargaining skills, which come super handy throughout the shopping. A maximum of the shops in the malls take credit cards and debit cards; though, cash is required at local marketplaces. There are certain newly created fresh marketplaces constructed in ancient Arabian ideas.

Nightlife in Dubai

Dubai offers you remarkable nightlife with a number of innovative drinks and outstanding music. There are many bars and nightclubs to choose from; however, a maximum of the licensed pubs and bars are parts of guesthouses with some exclusion.
Though, all the nightclubs close down by 3:00 am. The least authorized age for acquiring alcohol is 21 but the bars may reject entry to those under 25.

Few places for nightlife in Dubai

1) Apartment lounge+ club (Jumeirah beach hotel)

2) Barasti bar (Le Meridian Mina Seyahi Beach Resort and Marina)

3) Boudoir Nightclub (Dubai Marine Beach Resort and Spa)

4) Carter’s (Wafi City)

Best time to visit Dubai

April-May is the start of the summer with temperatures amid 23 degrees and 36 degrees Celsius. June, July, and August are the warmest periods of Dubai, with temperatures drumming 40 degrees Celsius syndicates with unfriendly humidity. This season, you can discover amazing offers on hotels and air travel except for Ramadan month (which relies on the lunar calendar). This temperature begins to drop a little bit through the autumn period (September- October) and the weather is around 29 degrees Celsius.