Privacy Policy

Three Specifications that Define Fare Republic Privacy Policies
  No Surprises

The reason why we collect, share and use your information is described in the policy.
  We Keep Your Details Safe

We are committed to keeping our customers and their details safe that they share with us.
  You Have Control and 24/7 Support

You can now update your profile and other details at any time. We also give complete support in this regard.

About the Policy

This policy explains how we collect, use, share and handle your details through this website and other services. We make the changes to these policies from time to time to make sure it’s up-to-date. Whenever we make amendments, we will post the updated policies immediately here. So, it is advisable to check the policies each time before you access our services.

We Use Your Personal Details- Why and How?

We don’t use your information without your consent. We can also use this information for the services you have requested for. We may use your personal details if it is necessary to comply with legal rights and obligations. Please note that the information may also be used for normal business purposes described in this policy.

We Collect Details About

Everyone, who uses our website and services will have to provide a relevant piece of information that we collect, store and use to make reservations. However, we only collect the details that we need to make the bookings you have requested for.

How Long We Do Store Your Information

Your details are stored with us for legal reasons and we keep them as long as we need. Please note that we will either anonymize the information so that it can’t identify you or delete it after making the reservations. We treat your information according to what it is used for. You can now ask us to delete your details from our database at any time.

When We Share Your Details with or Collect by Third Party

Your details will be shared only if you ask us to do, where it is required to deliver the services you have requested for and where we need it for legal reason. The suppliers whose services you book with us will collect your data with their own policies. Sometimes third parties that advertise through our website may also collect your personal details. Moreover, the companies that help us to deliver the services you need will also collect and use your details on our behalf.

How We Keep Your Personal Details Secure

Keeping your details secure is our culture and prime responsibility. We also use the best possible methods to protect your information.

Where Do We Store Your Information

Your details are stored in data centers across the world. The location depends on where exactly you use this website for making reservations. Only third party suppliers, who offer contractual safeguards for the information, will process the details in a secure manner.

Do We Use Cookies?

We aim to deliver optimize, personalize and analyze our services. That’s why we use cookies and similar technologies to serve your purposes and for advertising purposes.

Your Choices and Rights

If you are using Fare Republic account, then you have all the rights to access, edit, download and delete your personal data associated with your profile whenever you want. You can also get immediate support from our customer support team at any time by getting in touch with us at .

How to Contact US?

Fare Republic is your travel partner that lets you search dozens of airlines and hundreds of flight deals at once to make the travel cost affordable. Anyone can access our website to make his or her itinerary with us. You can contact us to share your reviews and suggestions also at .